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Married to Paradise

Most memoirs today present heart-breaking tragedies. In contrast, Married to Paradise—though full of dramatic tension—is fresh, positive, and encouraging. It is about choosing an alternative life and pursuing it with one’s whole heart. This is a book about claiming the courage to live a unique and abundant life beyond the traditional matrix.

Life requires true courage these days, no matter where or how one lives. The destruction of rainforests, climate change, and uncertain economies all present challenges to the more conventional lives people have relied on. Through experiencing this book, you may find your own ability to imagine a truly remarkable life and take the steps to make it happen. This book utilizes the invisible forces of the Universe combined with one’s own powerful hands to fulfill our most profound dreams.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lana Wedmore in Brooklyn and practicing yoga with her virtually. Her beautiful spirit and fascinating story come to life on the pages of this book. From her challenging childhood in Colorado to her globetrotting and finally finding her place and purpose in the universe in Costa Rica, hers is a tale you can’t put down. When it seems impossible to realize her dream of building a lodge in the Osa Peninsula, Lana, with the help of many manages to accomplish this, amid much adversity. It’s an amazing story, inspiring. Add this to Lana’s quest to save the rainforest through her White Hawk Foundation and it’s even more amazing. (A portion of the proceeds from the book benefit the WHF.) I’ve heard so much about the lodge and helped raise funds for the WHF through the efforts of a Brooklyn yoga studio (YogaSole) which takes retreats to Lana’s Luna Lodge and after reading “Married to Paradise,” I’m even more determined to go visit. A feel-good book of triumph about weathering life’s ups and downs and always following your dreams.

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From the beginning, you understand Lana’s passion for nature and freedom.. It is deeply rooted in her soul. She does a good job of explaining how her dreams evolved, and showed us the path to their success. Comfortable in my stable life, it was refreshing to read her nomadic tales and witness her adventurous side.

I have never traveled to Costa Rica but first thing I did after finishing this book is google the Luna Lodge. Wow! I now wish to go!

This book is for all nature lovers and anyone wishing to explore the Costa Rican rainforest! Or like me, just to dream about it!

Lana Wedmore was a skier from Colorado when she went on a trip to Costa Rico that changed her life forever. She not only returned to the area to live she began plans to build an Eco lodge and Yoga retreat. Many mishaps and problems occurred along the way but she was not deterred from her dream. This is her story of how she gained the confidence to do what others told her could not be done. I enjoyed this retelling of her story and especially enjoyed her triumph of building her lodge which today is very successful. A very inspiring story.
five stars

This book is a MUST-READ if you are either preparing for a visit to the incomparable Luna Lodge in Costa Rica or trying to re-capture the feeling of being there, but this book can and will be enjoyed by anyone with an adventuresome spirit. Lana’s story of courage, passion, and resilience will reinforce the best qualities in each reader, especially the willingness to follow one’s intuition.

five stars

Yoga for Connecting Mind, Body, and Soul

Available October 31st

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore? Do you sit at a desk all day and lack the energy to get up and move? Do you know you need exercise but you can’t find the time? Then Yoga for Connecting Mind, Body, and Soul is for you. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, lower back pain, or jet lag from a busy travel schedule, there is healing for you in these pages, regardless of your age or ability. With step-by-step instructions and photographs for each exercise, the movements in this book can be done in a chair, hotel room, or even your own bed before you put your feet on the ground. It’s never too late to find your balance and fitness. Come join us!

Find your balance with Lana

Your health is the most important thing in the world at this time.

I am happy to share a series of little gifts to help you start to find your balance in your daily life.

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