I strongly believe that we need to heal within to help heal Mother Earth; therefore, I am very enthusiastic about spreading the word. And our planet needs us to heal, too.

I really feel the call to share, which is why I make myself available several times a year to speak at events in my community and around the world on a wide array of topics including conservation, sustainable tourism, and women’s empowerment.

If you need someone with real-life accomplishments to inspire your community, I would be honored to contribute.

For speaking inquiries, please complete the inquiry form below.

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Past Events

August 2019 Fundraiser for the White Hawk Foundation Lucerne, Switzerland

I went to Lucerne, Switzerland to attend a Fundraiser that Roman Willi put on to raise funds for the White Hawk Foundation. He orgainzed 4 different bands and food for all of the community to attend. It was a success and enjoyed by all.

June 2019 White Hawk Foundation Speech in Livermore, California

I went to Livermore Calfornia to speak at the Joya yoga Studio. I also did a Forest Bathing event at the Garre’ Winery.

March 2019 Turtle Festival Carate, Costa Rica

I spoke at the Turtle Festival in Carate, Costa Rica about the White Hawk Foundation and the importance of conservation here on this planet and especially here in Corcovado.

December 2018 Turtle Festival in Carate, Costa Rica
I did a Forest Bathing event for the whole community. We also sold Vegan food from our garden from Luna Lodge. Jack Fruit tacos with pico de gallo.
November 2017 World Blue Zone Convention in Nicoya, Costa Rica
I am the Vice President of the Costa Rican Wellness Assoc. I went to the Blue Zone Convention to teach yoga to the Elderly people. I taught Yoga to over 300 Elderly people. It was so much fun to teach them all. Some of the men had cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I took my Mom with me. Here we took a picture with some amazing dancers (see picture at the top of the page).

Wedding Ceremonies

I also perform Spiritual Wedding ceremonies here at Luna Lodge.

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