Lana’s new book “Married To Paradise” is out now!

Lana’s new book “Married To Paradise” is out now!

Lana’s new book “Married To Paradise” is out now!

white hawk foundation

In 2008 Lana Wedmore founded The White Hawk Foundation in response to the growing urgency to protect the land surrounding Corcovado National Park. Educating people locally and internationally about conservation is a passion of Lana and her team of guides. Lana’s message is very simple: “We must save the rain forests to save ourselves.” The White Hawk Foundation is a place where individuals and philanthropic entities can make a tangible difference. In the last ten years, contributions have enabled the foundation to acquire and protect land that could have been devastated by commercial or agricultural development.
white hawk foundation

The mission of the White Hawk Foundation is to promote the preservation of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica by engaging communities, research institutions, and businesses in a sustainable symbiotic relationship with nature. 

You are welcome to make a donation or spread the word. If you are a writer, reporter, or conservationist, please contact us to explore partnership opportunities. We would be so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and receive your support to protect one of the most bio diverse places left on this planet.

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white hawk foundation costa rica

La Semilla

The mission of La Semilla is to educate and inspire local people and visitors to the Osa Peninsula about the protection and preservation of our biodiversity and their health.


1. To design and implement an environmental and health education program in schools and in communities in order to educate and inspire the next generation of conservationists of the Osa.

2. To provide environmental and health education to local people and tourists, living in and visiting ecologically sensitive areas on the Peninsula in order to encourage behavior that is positive for the local wildlife, create passion for the biodiversity that exists and meet basic needs that allows for further interests, such as our environment.

3. One cannot conserve the environment unless their basic needs are met first- To provide health education and economic opportunities for local people.

The basic needs for humans are defined as being food, water, shelter and clothing, with further considerations being sanitation, education and healthcare. Unless these needs are met, we cannot expect people to care about the environment.

"One cannot conserve the environment unless their basic needs are met first"

– United Nations Brundtland Report, 1987


Nature is truly the best Medicine and the state of your mind designs the state of your health. Nature helps you fall in love with yourself, and likewise, with others because it is a reflection of you. Nature can help you find your true health and happiness. It brings peace back into your life without you even realizing it because it awakens your senses. It provides an actual calming effect. It will also bring you back to the present moment faster than anything. And the present moment is the best place to be.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.


The word Reiki comes from Rei, meaning “a supernatural force or spiritual intelligence,” and Ki (qi), meaning “life energy.” It is generally translated as “universal life force energy.”

Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy and universal light. Reiki comes from the heart, not the head.

Reiki is one of the most effective ways to holistically take care of yourself. This spiritual Japanese hands on or distant healing practice helps you to relax, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With just one session, your energetic system begins to balance itself and you feel more at peace. It helps to ease pain, tension, and stress.

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanism and Reiki work together very well because they are both spiritual modalities. They compliment each other because they both balance and harmonize the subtle body. Reiki is working through the heart and Shamanism is founded on the view that all life, not just human life, has consciousness. The intelligence that infuses life empowers the shaman to transmute disease and harmonize imbalance. The truths of both Shamanism and Reiki are discovered through direct personal relationships. As a Healer one is able to intuitively understand that the Spirit world interfaces ours and everything within it can be communicated and interacted with.

Shamanism is one of the oldest practices of spirituality that exists today. It’s roots are buried thousands of years in our past. Indigenous shamanism teaches that nature can balance and revitalize and shift consciousness; it opens us to invisible and intrinsic energies that most of us are unaware of.

Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified… a great many people will experience the blessings of the divine… Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.

Cacao Ceremony

Both the Aztec and Mayan ancient civilizations held “ Cacao Ceremonies”. They obviously knew instinctively, what we now know scientifically. Cacao, the seed that serves as the basic ingredient for chocolate, has numerous health benefits! Traditionally, people drank Cacao not only for medical health, but also for spiritual awakening and creative guidance. Recent scientific studies point out the health benefits of a cup of pure cacao. Pure cacao beans contain numerous vitamins, minerals, and pure antioxidants. Drinking cacao releases feel good endorphins and increases blood flow. Therefore, for ceremonial purposes, it creates a “ natural high!”

Today, Cacao ceremonies may vary widely. They may be as simple as sharing a cup of cacao with a small group, reciting a mantra and raising a toast to an intention, or they may be a sophisticated, orchestrated spiritual ceremony for a large group.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is the English Translation of the Japanese term “Shinrin- Yoku”, the ancient practice of simply immersing oneself in nature. This practice was revitalized in Japan in the 1980’s when scientific evidence revealed that simply spending time in nature produced measurable health benefits— both physically and psychologically. As a result, there is a worldwide movement to Get Back to Nature and Lana has trained to be a certified Forest Therapy Guide capable of leading you on a meaningful journey to lift the power of your senses as you travel with her in Nature.

Forest bathing is the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way using your senses to discover a whole range of benefits physical, mental, emotional and social.

Sound Healing

Sound therapy is a form of energy work that is used to tap into the body’s vibrational pitch. Sound Healing is actually a return to ancient cultural practices that uses chants, singing bowls and other instruments to restore health and relieve pain. Many people are just now learning how to tap into these feelings and discovering that this is energy that can be used to open one’s heart and soul. Energy is all around us at all times and when we use Sound Healing to tap into the energy of the Universe miracles can happen.

A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of the body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence, either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either awakens or soothes the nervous system


Yoga means “ union.” Therefore, yoga brings into alignment the body, mind and soul. Yoga is truly a science and a type of Art for me. It is an active intelligence that is awakening your whole body and bringing you back to the moment, which is the best place to be. The mind follows the habits of the breath and the body so when you can control the breath you can control your mind and body and vice versa.

I have been doing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. Yoga has truly saved my life, physically, mentally and spiritually. I could never have built my Lodge if I had not had yoga in my life. Yoga is life for me and it is a time I set aside each day to practice breathing deeply so as to quiet my mind, to exercise so as to strengthen my body, and to meditate to get in touch with my soul—my voice within. A daily practice has been proven to strengthen mental clarity and sharpness, emotional positivity and inspiration, and physical well- being. Come join me. I will definitely cater to your personal needs.